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UK Colloquium Poll


Amsat-UK are having some thoughts about the accommodation for their annual
Colloquium (27-29 July). We wonder what prospective delegates think of the
idea; hence this poll. This is open to anyone who has been to an AMSAT-UK 
Colloquium in the last 10 yrs or was considering coming this year. This is 
NOT limited to Amsat-UK members. The deadline for replies is that they must 
have been sent by midnight UTC next saturday night to be counted (fortunately 
you don't get dimples on e-mails).

The question is: would a change of price and venue make you change your mind
about coming ... and which way would it change (would you come or not come) ?

It boils down to whether attendees want better accommodation, at a higher 
price (about 20 UK Pounds [$28] per night extra), or whether they prefer the 
old price (plus about 3% inflation) and to stay at the University. The 
alternative accommodation is at the Post House Hotel across the A3 from the 
University and the lectures would be held there as well; the only visits 
across to the University would be for command station visits and any other 

The deal at the University this year would be, for the whole weekend, roughly 
pounds (UKP) 143 in the student accommodation or UKP 171 in the De Luxe rooms.

The deal at the Post House comes out roughly to UKP 170 for the whole weekend
for everyone plus UKP 6 per day for lunch. (By "whole weekend" I mean come on
friday morning and stay until sunday afternoon.) There is one possible saving 
- if members wish to share a room with someone else; there are TWIN rooms 
(two separate beds) at UKP 70 per person, a saving of UKP 15 per person per 
night. The hotel has 27 TWIN rooms, out of a total of 157 rooms. (I'm assuming 
no-one will want to share a room with a double bed with a stranger.) Room-
sharers would need to identify their own share-partner, Amsat-UK will not do 

Naturally the hotel accommodation is superior to that at the University of
Surrey, the lecture rooms and car parking etc are also more convenient.

Overnighting delegates would now book direct with the hotel, and settle their 
own accounts there (similar to how AMSAT-NA run their bash). 

For people staying elsewhere the day-only rate is UKP 12.50 including lunch; 
at UoS its UKP 20. Day-rate-only and banquet-only bookings would be handled
by Amsat-UK.

Replies: please reply direct (off-list) to me. Sunday morning I will report
back to the Amsat-UK BoD.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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