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Hello Jim, K6CCC and the group,

I know how pleased you must be to have made 1000 satellite QSOs..  Your
bit of info got me to thinking about how many I may have made.  All my
satellite contacts are manually loaded into the computer.  I had not done
this for the past few weeks and when I got to it today I found that I
have made 2825 unique QSOs since srarting with a satellite lesson from
Roger, N4ZC about how to work RS-12 with just an HF transceiver and a
tribander.  Since I do manually load the log book I do not enter
duplicate call signs, even though they may occur on different birds.  The
number 2825 (80 DXCC countries) indicates the actual number of satellite
QSOs.  It's been a wonderful learning curve starting with RS-12 and on to
RS-10, RS-15, the FO birds, a couple via AO-13 just before it burned and
finally the current challange of working AO-10.  The recent news about
AO-40 is so welcome.  Lets hope soon that ALL of us will find our Q
totals rising rapidly.

Thank you for allowing me to brag a bit.  It does wonders for an old
man's ego!!  I must also extend a sincere thank you to my Elmer, Joe,
K0VTY without whom nothing beyond RS-12 would have been possible. 

73, Frank, K0BLT
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