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Re: Source for F to N/SO239 Adapters

Hi to the group...the following is not meant to debate the situation with 
the connectors, only make it easier for us who want to get the 2880 
functional for our applications....this connector controversy is over 
spoken in that the cable used by the Drake when used in the "VIDEO" format 
required 75-92 ohm coax for the output of the device and reception of most 
Televisions sets today........Most destinations for the 2880 was the US in 
terms of high volume and we here in the states use "F" connectors on our 
Television applications. They (F Connectors) are cheap to manufacture and a 
very famous antenna manufacturer here in the states has converted his 
matching networks over to "F" connectors for 75 ohm "T" matching networks, 
so they work well for what they were designed for.

Note the Input side or the top of the 2880?...."N" connector or for some, 
"50" ohms...Connectors in and of themselves are not rated in ohms, only 
"Type" such as "F", "N", "PL259", "BNC", "SMA" etc. Whatever design 
features of the output requiring 75 ohm coax (Through a "F" connector) is 
meaningless for us using the 2880.

The simplest way to convert the "F" to a useable type for our applications 
is to use a "Single" connector adapter with a Male "F" on the converter end 
and SO-239 on the other end to accept either PL259 or there is another one 
available for "N" connectors...this is a one piece connector and I paid 
$4.00 for my application and that of another member of the BB...It is clean 
and simple and when sealed with heat shrink at the connector, it is good 
looking and a functional application for what we need for the Drake 
2880.  Like its been said, this conversion to the 2880 has so much gain 
that what if any mismatch will be very difficult if not impossible to 
hear....As in any good amateur antenna applications, keep the coax as short 
as possible and use the best cable you can afford....Good points Mike and 
Jon.......well said....Mine should be up and functional this week......

73's to all...

Lonnie  (NT6B)
At 09:16 AM 2/26/01 -0600, Mike Murphree wrote:

>I think you are missing the point that the Drake converter was
>*designed* for 75 ohms to start with.  A 50 ohm connector will
>*create* a mismatch, but of course you will have that when you
>connect to a 50 ohm receiver anyway.  The converter has more
>gain than you can possibly use.  The F connector should be
>waterproof if applied properly and RG-6 is cheap and available
>in double shielded varieties if needed for isolation. There doesn't
>seem to be much advantage in changing the connector or the
>73 Mike N4CNW
>On Monday 26 February 2001 06:43 am, Jon Ogden wrote:
> > on 2/25/01 11:30 PM, Douglas Cole at n7bfs@qwest.net wrote:
> > > So , what did I do for the IF output of the Drake ?  , well considering
> > > we are not all that worried about loss ( should be more than enough to
> > > drive a sensitive 2 meter rx input ) I removed the F connector and
> > > installed a bnc panel
> > > mount female that I had in my parts supply , worked out fine and is nice
> > > for quick disconnect .....
> >
> > To me, that's a much better solution than an F connector.  Considering the
> > F connector is 75 Ohms, you have an impedance mismatch right there.  And a
> > BNC connector is going to have far less loss than an F connector (a BNC and
> > an N have the same internal construction (center pin, dielectric width,
> > etc). It's just the outer connector that's different.
> >
> > You and I were thinking the same thing!
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Jon
> > NA9D
> >
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