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Re: PSK-31 Satellite Donwlink Opportunity?

On 27 Feb 2001, Tony Langdon wrote:

>  BB> On this short fuse experiment, we would simply put 20 PSK-31 audio
>  BB> streams into a single UHF FM uplink having an onboard wideband (no
>  BB> doppler) receiver.  THus, the only doppler is the small 600 Hz
>  BB> experienced on the 10m SSB downlink....
> Would these be live QSOs or basically a fancy form of a 'beacon'?  

Im thinking (for the unique one-sidedness of this experiment only), it
would be a "PGATE" that would accept TELNET SESSIONS on the internet side
and out of the sound card would come an audio stream of the first 20
people that connected.  This is transmitted up to the Satellite.  To get
then transmitted down for the test.. There would be ONE PGATE per

Participants would thus "transmit" on the internet to the PGATE but LISTEN
to the satellite downlink on 10m...  It is LIVE, but for now they have to
pool their streams into the one GROUND station...  But hey... the INTERNET
is free...  And this is only at proof of concept test...

de WB4APR, Bob

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