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Re: Milestones this weekend

Jim Walls wrote:

 > Now it gives me great pleasure to announce that I also achieved a 
 >  of sorts this weekend with the completion of my 1000th satellite
 > contact from my home station (I have 29 from portable locations
 > also).  Earlier this evening I had a rather brief conversation with
 >  Maggie Leber - K3XS on FO-29.  Unfortunately she went LOS very shortly
 >  after calling me, but that's life when operating LEO satellites.

Extending my congratulations to a real veteran from a relative newbie!

I just happened to sit down at my desk after a *very* busy Sunday, and
launched my SatTrack window basically out of idle curiosity. Noting that
FO-29 was up, I hit the "FO-20" slot in tuning memory, swung my antennas
to it and swept the downlink with the shutttle-jog, and there's Jim
telling somebody they were contact 999.

I keyed my mike and whistled (OK, so it's not ladylike :-)) but heard my
downlink with almost no doppler, so I took a shot, and he heard me on
the first call. Unfortunately, even with the favorable situation here to
the western horizon, the bird went LOS for me almost immediately after
he returned my call; we only got a couple of exchanges. I did hear him
call back again, but I wasn't reaching the bird with my uplink anymore.
I can't emphasize enough to the folks new on the linear transponder
birds how important practice and experience is in learning the operating
techniques necessary to success. It *does* get easier with practice!

73 de Maggie K3XS, and congrats again to Jim...QSL on the way.
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