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RE: Source for F to N/SO239 Adapters

Well, you do what you wanta, but not me. My run is over 160 feet from the
top of the tower to my FT736r, and I want to hang on to the best signal I
can. My experience with the SSB preamps (set at max gain) is that the
quality of the lead-in wire makes a difference.


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"Steve Diggs, W4EPI" wrote:

> The Drake (at least the ones Mark Fossum got out of Japan recently) have a
> female F connector on the IF side. I doubt anyone who went to the trouble
> building a high performance receive system would want to lose most of that
> signal by running either  RG58 or RG6 with an F connector on it down into
> their shack. Better to use the adapters I found and run LMR400 or similar
> and keep that precious signal strength.

Yes they do, but actually it likely is of little consequense.  The first
stage sets the system noise figure and after it is downconverted to IF,
should be enough signal that it matters little (if any) what happens in the
cable.  I have every expectation of running RG-6 down from the antenna and
downconverter.  This is no different than the IF cable for a Ku band DSS
satellite, or C band satellite receive system.  I do the same thing on a C
amateur TV receive.

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