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Re: ISS optical tracking

In a message dated 2/25/01 4:10:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Peter.Guelzow@arcormail.de writes:

<< They are also interested in looking at P3-D...
 73s Peter >> 

Hey Peter and the gang, 
I too hope I'll get around to catching AO-40 in good position with favorable 
lighting for photo/viewing using my 8" SCT.  I've captured many satellites in 
my astrophotographic work, some even in GEO and have managed to see AO-27 
with binoculars.  I think it was STARDUST that was easily captured in photos 
recently during it's gravity assist flyby of earth and I don't think it's 
much larger than AO-40.  Anyway, I'm glad to hear someone else is pondering 
this possibility as well and might even beat me to the punch by capturing the 
first photo images of AO-40 in orbit.  Best of luck and hope to some images 
soon, that is if I don't produce them first...hi.
Steve - K5PK
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