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Re: AO-16 S-Band ON

Howard, Russ,
I did not listen this weekend, but I did listen several times a couple of 
weekends ago when it was also turned on.  I found it to be about 1/2 the 
strength of UO-11--not even an S-meter reading here, but about 3 dB (or a 
little better) out of the noise.  Setup is a Drake 2880, Conifer preamp, and 
home brew 16-turn helix.
Jerry, K5OE

howard@howardlong.com writes:

> Didn't try to decode the signal - I think it might have been slightly too
>  noisey. Couldn't give it more than S1 I'm afraid - but that might be my
>  setup. I found that it would fade in and out too over a period of a minute
>  or so.
>  What kind of sigs are others getting from their helices on AO-16?
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