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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

I'm not surprised that the worst offenders have the highest class licenses.  They
may well have "offended" when they sat for their license exam too.  Who knows if
they can copy CW or not (or whether they passed the written test for that matter).

At the last Field Day I sat with a friend who is a gifted CW operator.  He could
easily hear three stations operating on the same frequency and worked them all!
He's the actual reason our club scored well at FD, not my 100 satellite points!!

At any rate CW is a very useful mode for those who are patient and willing to learn
the skill.  Contacts are FAST!  I've been licensed for over 30 years, passed my 20
wpm test and still am a miserable CW operator.  I don't really enjoy it as much as
other modes....so I use them and not CW.  Someday I'd like to be good at CW though
and maybe I will.  I know there are (HF) DX countries and satellite stations I
could have worked if I had that skill, but I'm not there yet.

In Amateur Radio many different skills and knowledge come into play when putting a
station together.  CW (morse) operation is one of those skills.

Grant Zehr AA9LC

Tony Langdon wrote:

> Hello Jon!
> 23 Feb 01 19:19, you wrote to Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL:
>  JO> The WORST and I mean the WORST QRM on the ham bands come from OLD
>  JO> FARTS who think they own a particular frequency and that no one else
>  JO> can use their frequency on 20 meters at 9AM on a Sunday morning
>  JO> because they have ALWAYS talked to their buddy from wherever at that
>  JO> time on that frequency every week for 40 years.  If you were there
>  JO> before them, they'll start cussing at you to get off.
> Funnily enough, the same situation exists here.  Most of the licenced
> troublemakers I've envountered have been those with the HIGHEST grade of
> licence (except for one or two HF wannabes who refuse to study for the code).
> Certainly the worst offenders had the 10WPM Morse (our top speed).

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