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Re: CW

Hello Jon!

23 Feb 01 22:38, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 JO> Right, Tony.  And while CW may not be an international requirement (I
 JO> doubt it will be for long), it will stay on the band.  Look at the
 JO> other modes that have survived: RTTY, AMTOR (although not used much
 JO> but cool), and even AM!

I think we agree on this one, this is exactly what I feel will happen with CW.
I suspect it's likely to lead to some people becoming _more_ interested in the
mode over time, as it passes from being a chore that one must complete to pass
an exam to a curiosity that attracts attention and a skill that not everyone
chooses to develop (it's nice to develop an rare but useful skill).

 JO> Nope, CW will be there because a lot of folks enjoy using it.  It's
 JO> also a mode that you don't need to worry about people using it who
 JO> don't know how. That's kinda hard to do!

Hehehe, quite true.  You have to know CW to use it effectively on air. ;-)

Tony, VK3JED

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