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Re: AO-27/UO-14 N7SFI replies

Many thanks for all of those who have gone out and put rare
grids on the air via satellite!!!!  Many have helped me (N7SFI Randy)
with my grid quest!

At 10:55 PM 2/22/2001 -0500, someone wrote:

 > > There is no good way to work
 > > FM satellites, since they are a fundamentally flawed
 > > concept with inherently limited capabilities.
 > Well, somebody forgot to tell that to N7SFI Laura.  He's accomplished
 > an extraordinary feat in the number if grids worked/confirmed on FM
 > sats.

N7SFI is one grid away from finishing his grid quest!

Today I worked VE3FAL on UO-14 when he was in EN48. I was in DN40as and was 
using  a THD7A HT with
the MFJ whip from a window next to my office at work.  The main problem
was getting over the Mexican non-ham QRM.  I believe Fred was also using
a HT but he may have had a yagi.  I have used may different radios and
antennas over the years to work satellite.

That leaves EN67 for my 491st grid in the 48 continental states. Anyone up for
taking their OSCAR station to Copper Harbor, Michigan so I can work EN48
on a non-FM satellite?

I started on this project back in the AO-21 days and picked all the grids that
were inside the USA plus all those shared with Oceans, Mexico and Canada
if they had roads in the USA portion.  Since there are no awards for
this I made up the rules and allowed me to count the grid if I worked 
someone on
satellite while I was in the grid.

I am also close to having worked all of the grids.  The ones I have worked from
but not worked anyone else in them are:

DN19    I worked 8 stations on AO-27 when I was in Creston, BC

DN94/DN95/EN04/EN05  I worked 3 stations on FO-20 while at the intersection
                                      of these four grids which is SW 
of  Gettysburg, SD

EM80   I worked 1 station on FO-20 while mobile on I-75 near Vadosta, GA.
             My wife was driving the car.

FM02   I worked 9 stations on AO27 when I was on Charleston, SC

One other grid that I have worked but cannot count for VUCC since I was too
far from my home QTH is EM94.  I worked WB4UKX on UO-35 but I was in
Logan Utah at the Conference on Small Satellites at the time. He was just
using a HT and whip while I was using a mobile radios and a duel band
magmount antenna.

Grids that were not included because they had no roads were:

CM97, DN59, DN99, EN68, EN77, and  EL58.  Anyone willing to boat or hike
their OSCAR station to those grids?

I have worked away from home on most of the satellites not just the FM birds.
In fact I have put 199 grids and 46 states on the air via satellites. Most 
of these
were using the FM birds.  The numbers would have been higher but when
I was in those grids and states the only satellites up were FO-20 and/or FO-29
and nobody was on the passes to work me.  I heard myself with the right Doppler
so I know I was making the birds. But no one else were on or they where not
hearing my weak signal on the satellite.

If the FM satellites had the same number of users per pass as FO-20 and FO-29
there would not be the complaints.  If there are under 10 users trying on the
same pass they can say hello and work all of the others on the bird.  How
many times other than field day have you heard more than 10 stations on
any SSB birds during their passes.  RS12 may come close at times but
FO-20 and FO-29 do not.

One could build a radio that could let one work FO-20 and FO-29 with an
arrow and using under 5 watts but once again if you fully loaded the satellite
with more than ten users the 5 watts may not be enough.  The FT-817 would
be just the radio if it could work full duplex.  I find if you use low 
power and
the arrow antenna you have to rotate the 2 meter yagi to peak you uplink. If
you can not hear your downlink this is hard to do.

What would I like to see done for field day?   Make every one run QRP!

Yes, I know this won't happen.

I keep seeing pictures from AMSAT field day with two brick amps. I can see
having a 70cm one for AO-10 but why do you need a 2 meter one for the
all of the other satellites when they can be worked QRP with arrow antennas.
Those same stations have much larger 2 meter antennas.

It has been fun working the 2,900 hams on satellite over the last ten years.
It took several tens of thousand log entries and thousands of passed to do
it and sending out 2849 QSL to get confirmation for the 715 grid squares and
the 840 counties confirmed.  I could not have done it without the FM birds.

Even with all of the QSOs I have yet to work all 50 states on a single SSB
bird.  I have OK left on AO-10 and DE left on FO-20 and FO-29. It not for the
lack of trying.  I have over 5,000 QSO's logged on those birds combined. I have
worked all 50 states on AO-21, AO-27 and UO-14 and was four states away
from it on SO-35.

As I said before it has been fun but those on the birds have noticed I am not
on as much any more.

You may find me on the birds if I travel to AK, HI, TX or WV on when in some
new grids ( like EN67) when I go on vacation.  I hope to work the
above grids that I have left via skeds.

73,  Randy  N7SFI

If you are still reading and want to check on the status of my grid quest check


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