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Re: AO-27/UO-14

Hello laura!

22 Feb 01 18:11, you wrote to All:

 lh> Attitude has nothing to do with it. It never did. Why
 lh> are you raising it?

I'm afraid I agree with several others here.  Attitude has a lot to do with it.

 lh> The technical issues are (were?) well understood, and no
 lh> amount of bandwagon-jumping will change them. It doesn't
 lh> matter how loudly you shout: the issues won't change.

As Drew pointed out, there are some issues in favour of FM sats, most notably
portable operation.  Until recently, portable SSB operation meant not only a
pair of transportable rigs or a FT100 or IC706 style rig and an outboard
battery (now, the FT817 could be pressed into service), and that's before
considering the implications of Doppler shift (which usually means that 2
portable boxes for full duplex, or rig like an 847, or taking the lappy along
for computer control).

Hardly practical for casual or opportunistic use, often not practical for
emergency use and certainly less likely in less affluent countries.

 lh> Individual anecdotes, while sometimes interesting
 lh> (like the tram-mobile reports from Melbourne) have
 lh> the same credence as the "I worked the world with 100 mW
 lh> on a piece of wet string!" reports. They cannot be
 lh> the basis for AMSAT policy, i.e., spending $$$ on new
 lh> satellites.

Doesn't stop the opportunistic "bundling" of a bent pipe in a packet satellite.
Afterall, look how that sort of packaging has extrended UO-14's useful service

SO-35 also demonstrated that FM and packet can time share and take turns.

Tony, VK3JED

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