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Re: AO-27/UO-14

Hello Robert!

23 Feb 01 13:35, you wrote to All:

 RO> Yeap.  right on.  The kids in teh family that have gotten interested
 RO> in ham radio got interested not just by playing with our home or
 RO> mobile set or with their parents BUT by activitly particpating in
 RO> setting up a station to do "things" and if you are going to do it on
 RO> the birds the way to do it is on the LEO FM birds.
 RO> We (and their parents as the case may be) scrounged the radios, put
 RO> together the antennas figures out how to do the tracking (mostly by
 RO> hand) and the first few contacts inspired them to sort of "improve"
 RO> the system.  Since my old ML-2 got me interested in VHF repeaters I
 RO> imagine that it smiles as it particpates in part of "bird"
 RO> contacts...grin
 RO> We need more LEO FM birds.

Well, it so happens that FM LEO is very well suited to demonstrating satellite
comms to the public, relatives, whoever.  The audio quality is much better than
SSB in most cases (remember, untrained ears often have problems with signal
distortions that the average ham doesn't notice), as is the S/N ratio.  Also,
the audio levels are relatively constant (though the same argument could apply
to a linear transponder dominated by well setup and experienced ops).

Tony, VK3JED

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