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Re: CW

Hello Dick!

22 Feb 01 18:23, you wrote to Estes Wayne-W10191:

 DC> Perfect answer.... Im studing as best as time allows, to grow up like
 DC> my elmer's who can drive and do CW in their cars....  For weak signal
 DC> work... NOTHING comes close... I want to be able to copy 25+ weak...
 DC> and send with the best fists out there cause... I might not have a
 DC> wizbang station after a hurricane... but I can still help...

I agree, CW will have a place on the ham bands for a long time.  However, I
also believe the exam must and will go soon.  So who will ensure the art of CW
carries on long after the exam is scrapped?  The answer should be obvious -
those who have the interest and proficiency can Elmer anyone who shows any
interest in Morse.

One day I'd like to be able to copy 25+ by ear.  That will happen when time
permits (and probably long after the exam is dumped).

Tony, VK3JED

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