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Re: KCT Card PCI Version?

> Well for my 2 cents, ... what we need is a USB tracking device, .... you can
> chain lots of USB devices off of one PC port, and not take up any slots. And
> while we are making the spec, ... drop the 256 limitation of the KCT and go
> to 65536 and beyond.... I don't know how to build such a device, ... but the
> USB approach would be better than a PCI card.

There's actually some very cool USB hardware out there for developing
your own customer peripherals.  One that I'm familiar with has an
enhanced 8051-based MPU core, along with a USB perhipheral controller.

What's very cool about this device is that it can boot it's code
from the host over the USB interface, without needing and ROM on
the USB peripheral.

See http://www.cypress.com/usb/fullspeed/index.html for the
EZ-USB devices, and http://www.activewireinc.com/ for a
experimeters/prototyping board that might be useful as-is for
just diddling a bunch of digital I/O ports.


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