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Re: FM operations in RS downlink


we have had our disagreements in the past, but today I totally agree with

I'm in a strange position, ....

... I passed the full exams in the UK when I was 15, and hold the callsign
G6KCV, ... which is  a code free call, ...

... when I moved to Bermuda in 89 I found that code free was banned, ... so
no reciprocal licence!

... the local rules require a 12 wpm RX text, AND 500 QSOs on air using CW
before you can get voice, .... I hated it but did it cos I wanted to work
satellite, .... I did cheat, ... I wrote a program that controlled a relay
the keyed the rig, ... and I used a program to decode the CW received, ...
but I did the 500 QSOs on air, ... I've never used CW since! CW is a mode
like any other, but it means nothing about operating ability of the ops, ...
the sooner it is removed from world wide requirements the better.

Paul, VP9MU ((G6KCV) aged 36 yesterday

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> I've tried to stay out of this, but I can't any more!
> We had restructuring occur last April.
> Prior to last April, QRM existed on the HF bands.  One night a couple of
> years ago, I was listening around on 80m.  Some guys was playing a tape
> and over again that said, "He's a member of the KKK, f*****g Nazi fa**ot."
> Over and over again.  Now, where these hams dumbed-down no-code licensees?
> NOT!
> The WORST and I mean the WORST QRM on the ham bands come from OLD FARTS
> think they own a particular frequency and that no one else can use their
> frequency on 20 meters at 9AM on a Sunday morning because they have ALWAYS
> talked to their buddy from wherever at that time on that frequency every
> week for 40 years.  If you were there before them, they'll start cussing
> you to get off.
> Or, I was running stations in the SSB WPX contest 2 years ago on 20
> just above the SSTV portion of the band.  The SSTV guys gradually crept
> higher and higher until we were both QRMing each other.  Then they started
> yelling at me for interfering with them while I had been on that frequency
> for over an hour.
> All this BEFORE restructuring.  These were hams that passed a code test
> a 13 WPM code test at that!
> In my experience with the new 5 wpm HF licensees, I have found them to be
> gracious, eager to learn and yes, prone to mistakes, but teachable.  It's
> exciting to see them.
> Also, if you look at the hams that Hollingsworth is going after, notice
> how many of them have EXTRA class calls?  A good number.  Gee, these
> passed 20 wpm code exams!
> Code means nothing about how good an operator you will be.  NOTHING.
> Lastly, someone else suggested that ham radio is a dying hobby filled with
> bunch of old farts who when they die, will be the end of the hobby.  First
> of all, the ham radio population is aging because the population as a
> is aging.  Second, if you want to see an area of ham radio that is rapidly
> growing, is full of many GREAT operators and has an age group that is
> typically between 20 to 40, then check out contesting.  Once you play in a
> few contests, you'll no longer say ham radio is dying.
> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D
> on 2/21/01 11:13 AM, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL at vlfiscus@mcn.net wrote:
> >> Nicely said, Red.
> >>
> >> So I guess "restructured licences" is the new code words for the loss
> >> the beloved CW requirement...the "affirmative action" for the "dying"
> >> that once kept the kids, lids and good buddies in their place. (note
> >> quotes: CW isn't really dying, you know).
> >
> > I don't think I mentioned CW, but the league is working to propose
> > eliminating it.
> >
> > I'm not blaming nor do I mean to attack anyone on the BB, but I believe
> > things have gotten worse on the bands since april 2000.
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