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Re: AO-27/UO-14

Drew said:

> UO-14 was an outdated digital satellite that has seen new life from being
> switched to FM voice

In fact my understanding from Chris Jackson at last year's AMSAT-UK
Colloquium was that the UO-14 digital mailbox on a secondary IHU, for
several years configured for non-amateur African health aid, had failed and
so pretty much all the unit could be configured for was a bent pipe

> an opportunity to make something out of nothing

Precisely! Given the choice between either another piece of space junk or a
bent pipe repeater I know which one I'd prefer, warts and all. It gives one
the opportunity, with a $100 second hand HT, to gain a great deal, even
though patience is required. To me that's a great way to introduce new folks
to sats, and break down some of the perceptions that you need an enormous
amount of expensive equipment.

Of course, it's nice to have all those other sats about too.

73 Howard G6LVB

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