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Re: Re: was UO-14 on Field Day now Field Day

> Bill, N4XEO wrote:


> contacts. As a matter of fact we wound up not making any new contacts as
> the event went on. There were NO new stations that we could contact. Our
> setup is JUST what Field Day is all about. We are set up for emergency
> communications. I don't see what the big problem is. Instead of wanting to
> get things changed at Amsat, why don't you just change and upgrade what
> are using. All this debate is the same as saying that I can't run field
> on HF because I can't use my ht on 10 meters because everyone is just
> over me!!!

Bill, you have echoed my sentiment exactly.  The common goal we should be
working within AMSAT is to get more folks on the satellites.  Like yourself,
run into the same problem every year not being able to find any new contacts
as the event progressed.  In fact, I think we ran out of people to work on
satellites half way through Field Day last year.  The Fuji satellites got
quiet as Field Day progressed.

Hopefully, all the FM satellite users learn that there is a better way.  The
satellites are unmistakably great tools for demonstrations and daily
but I think we all know the physics and the reality of a single channel FM
satellite.  It should not take too long for that reality to hit home.
During an
actual emergency, there would be a net control operator maintaining some
order on the single channel satellite or there would be chaos.  This is the

Many people do not seem to understand reality or accept it.  In this life
live and learn.  In this world you roll with the punches and learn.

Your mention of 10M on an HT reminds me of my QRP operating days on
the 10M band.  One year I won the entire 10-10 QSO Party event, including
the Kilowatt stations, using a modified CB radio (4 watts) and a homebrew
4 element yagi.   My score was never published, because the post office
damaged my log submission and I did not have enough time to get the
package delivered by the log submission date, but it was still submitted.
In my mind, it was a great accomplishment to have won a contest, edging
out the high power stations with a 4 watt QRP station.  Usually, late log
submission that arrived after the posted deadline were published.  My
score was never published in the 10-10 newsletter and I was taught a
very big lesson in the discrimination of QRP when QRP beats the
kilowatt.  This is a very true story.  Later, the 10-10 rules were changed
eliminate the QRP category and I no longer operated in the 10-10 QSO
Party ever again.  That was over 16 years ago. This was an
accomplishment and a historic QRP moment in the 10-10 organization,
since a QRP station had never won the overall QSO party above the
Kilowatt stations.  I did not give up on Amateur Radio, I simply moved on
to other interests in the hobby. At the time, I was in school and had very
little money, so I built and/or modified most of my own equipment from
what I could collect on a non-existent budget.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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