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Re: Re: was UO-14 on Field Day now Field Day

At 20:12 2001-02-18 -0600, you wrote:

> > I personally think the idea of a "satellite Contest" during Field Day
> > was using extremely poor judgment.  Those of you who have influence
> > with the AMSAT hierarchy, please ask them to re-think this for next
> > June.

Hi All

Well I don't look at it as contesting on field day. If you look at the 
amsat field day standings for the Fort Pierce ARC using the call k4rs you 
will see that we are doing better every year. This is a TOTALLY emergency 
setup. If you get off the FM birds you will have no problem making 
contacts. As a matter of fact we wound up not making any new contacts as 
the event went on. There were NO new stations that we could contact. Our 
setup is JUST what Field Day is all about. We are set up for emergency 
communications. I don't see what the big problem is. Instead of wanting to 
get things changed at Amsat, why don't you just change and upgrade what you 
are using. All this debate is the same as saying that I can't run field day 
on HF because I can't use my ht on 10 meters because everyone is just going 
over me!!!

We use the FT-847 with whatever power it puts out to the antenna through 
about 100 ft of rg8 to the antennas. The antennas that we are using are a 
set of mine that went crashing down to the ground when my tower came down 
in Hurricane Irene several years ago.
If we can do it down here and getting better every year then so can you if 
you want to use something else other than your HAMSHACK ON YOUR BELT!!!

I don't know what else to say to this, I guess I just said it all....

73, Bill N4XEO

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