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Re: Re: Ionosheric heating signal 3.39 MHz

The conspiracy-theory stuff on HAARP is pretty amusing, especially
their confused attempts at technical analysis.

But even more interesting is one of the links to patent number 5038664,
for a "Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude
above the earths surface".

Some of the math in the patent description is pretty dubious.  It talks
about producing an energy density of .1 to 1 watt per square cm at
an altitude of 250 km.  To do this with HF, you would need something
like 5 x 10^11 watts, or 500 Gigawatts.  And it says this power
would be maintained for .1 to 1200 seconds! 

Also, it talks about using a 1800 to 3600 kHz transmitter to produce
cyclotron resonance, but in the Earth's magnetic field, the cyclotron
frequency for a proton would be on the order of 1.5 kHz, according to
the formulas on the patent description.

Granting a patent for this makes about as much sense as granting a patent
for a time machine or a nuclear-powered flying submarine...


At 07:00 AM 2/22/01 , Edward R. Cole wrote:
>OK Guys,
>I took a look at the referenced web page.  Pretty radical writing.  The
>claim for electronic warfare has a problem: all satellites friend and foe
>would be at risk.  I chalk this up to another conspiracy rumor!
>Rapid beam scanning is used by HAARP to heat a more extended area of the
>ionosphere than the normal beamwidth allows [HPBW is 12.8 degrees N-S and
>17.9 degrees E-W][max Tx power is 960 kW, ERP is 81.2 dBW].  The can beam
>tilt down to 60 degrees elevation.  At 3.39 MHz the energy is absorbed in
>the E or low F-layers [~100 km altitude].  To penetrate into the exosphere
>requires higher frequencies.  Has anyone contacted HAARP for an
>explanation?  Or looked on their web page?  http://www.haarp.alaska.edu
>I have not conducted any experiments with them for over a year, so not up
>to date on their current capabilities.

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