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[Fwd: AO-10 pass 02-21-01]

First Frank A Cahoy wrote (in part):

> > I've just come from the shack and for nearly an hour (1610 UTC until LOS
> > at 1700 UTC) trying to hear and hopefully work AO-10.  I hope this is not
> > a case of pilot error.  I was unable to hear even the slightest sign of
> > any activity in the entire bandpass nor could I hear my own down link.
> <snip>

Then last night I wrote

> I have good news!  At 0700z 2/22/01 I tried to listen to AO-10.  At that time
> AO-10 was about 25,000 KM over the west coast of Chile which put it 27,000 KM
> from me and only 2 degrees above my horizon.  I first dialed up the beacon
> and it was quite readable (about how I would have expected at that
> distance).  I then dialed up about 10 KHz above the bottom of the transponder
> and sent some CW,  which I was shortly thereafter able to find.  The signal
> was fairly weak, but I would expect that because of the distance and low
> elevation.
> I will check it again in the morning (about 1400z) when the elevation will be
> much higher.

OK.  I did not get a chance to write up the results from this morning earlier,
but at about 1430 when AO-10 was about 23,000 KM out and well above my horizon,
the beacon was fairly strong and I had no trouble sending both CW and voice
through the satellite.  As I type this, AO-10 will be up in about 20 minutes and
I'll be there....

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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