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Re: [aprssig] Re: want to run APRS DOS programs need DOS

The sender specifically was looking for a LEGAL set of disks...or I assume a 
'legal" place to download it...I advised him it is located on a OLDOS 
directory on any WIN95 cd....

God , people are so negative around here!


In a message dated 02/22/2001 11:33:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
ku0g@kcaprs.org writes:

<< rom: ku0g@kcaprs.org (Jim Duncan)
 Sender:    bounce-aprssig-20483@lists.tapr.org
 To:    aprssig@lists.tapr.org (TAPR APRS Special Interest Group)
 What you are asking is that somebody publicly volunteer to allow you to
 make an illegitimate copy of a Microsoft Operating System.  Yes, DOS
 6.22 IS a Microsoft product....  If your computer boots up and goes to a
 DOS prompt, then you don't need it as you've already got it.   >>
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