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Fw: MIRror Experiment

In november last year, on this mailing list, I concluded  a report about an
unsuccessful Earth-MIR-Earth test, by the following conclusion:

> We plan to start a new campaign in the next few months, with more RF power
 > and larger aerials.
> We hope to be ready before MIR lands  ...

 So, two days ago, Philippe F6ETI and me, we started a new MIR bounce
This time, we got positive results on two different MIR passes.
Philippe was running 300 W of RF output power to a linearly polarized 9 el
Yagi beam. He transmitted CW messages at 80 wpm (meteor scatter type) and at
I used a 12 el circularly L or R polarized Yagi beam, a 0.8 dB NF AsGa
preamplifier, a IC-821H as receiver (2.7 kHz audio band pass) and CoolEdit
software as a spectral analysis tool.
F6ETI is located in IN87IQ, and I'm located in JN18DQ, it means a few
 hundred kilometers between each other.
 Two kinds of echoes were clearly identified:
- long duration (10 to 20 seconds) extremely weak signals, just above the
 noise level
 - short duration (a few seconds) echoes, with S/N good enough to allow CW
decoding by ear (SSB should also have worked).
Accurate Doppler shift and Doppler speed variation measurements were
performed, just to insure that the received signals were really MIR echoes,
and not only ground wave or tropo signals or Meteor Scatter echoes.
An audio file and a spectral analysis of the echoes will be placed on our
AMSAT-F WEB site in the next few days (http://www.amsat-france.org).


Jean-Louis F6AGR

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