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Re: AO-27/UO-14

>Attitude has nothing to do with it. It never did. Why
>are you raising it?

Frankly? Your post smacks of contempt and arrogance, which only serves to further alienate newcomers to this hobby. 

>The technical issues are (were?) well understood, and no
>amount of bandwagon-jumping will change them. It doesn't
>matter how loudly you shout: the issues won't change.

There is no bandwagon jumping here. FM satellites can be frustrating, but they have their usefulness, especially for mobile and portable operation. For example, UO14 was recently used for emergency traffic in post-earthquake India. Which do you think is more common there, a dual band HT or VHF/UHF transceiver with SSB, full duplex and auto tracking in a small package?

>Individual anecdotes, while sometimes interesting
>(like the tram-mobile reports from Melbourne) have
>the same credence as the "I worked the world with 100 mW
>on a piece of wet string!" reports. They cannot be
>the basis for AMSAT policy, i.e., spending $$$ on new

Well lets look at the FM sats we have had thus far. RS-14/AO-21 was a Russian sat that was originally a transponder, but due to no activity was changed to FM voice. UO-14 was an outdated digital satellite that has seen new life from being switched to FM voice. AO-27 is a small package attached to a commercial satellite based on a good opportunity. SO-35 was only FM voice one pass a day here, and was often ignored, but the easiest to work in my opinion. AO-27 was the only one to be designed as a "repeater in the sky", and as I understand it was a rather private affair.

Should amsat spend money on new FM voice sats. Not yet maybe. The offense is taken in that it is somehow inherently flawed to take advantage of an opportunity to make something out of nothing. I'd love to see a new ao-10 or fo-29 style bird, but I won't thumb my nose at what we have, and especially will not speak in a public forum to dissuade newcomers from working what they can, with what they have. 

Drew KO4MA

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