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VR-5000 thoughts?

I was reading the "L-Band Pod" notes that Eric, WB1HBU, sent with interest
and I couldn't help but wonder what he thought about the mentioned "VR-5000
whiz bang receiver." I have been eyeing this receiver since I got the latest
batch of catalogs this last month, particularly since it does all modes up
through 2.6GHz. With my new interests in satellite "sniffing" and Mode-S, I
can't but help have "delusions of grandeur" when I look at the specs. I
really  can't help but think it looks like a nice rig, at least on paper. 

So I wanted to put it to the folks that have the receivers: How does the
VR-5000 perform in your uses with the birds, what sorts of things do your do
with yours, and is it worth the money?

Thanks for the report on your finds with INMARSAT, Eric. Very interesting. 

73's de N8DVM // Chris - EN72
W8SH Satellite Operator

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