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RE: FM operations in RS downlink

Although I am adamantly opposed to the new licensing structure and I
feel it will have little effect on improving the hobby, I also agree with the
information below.

Like any other product you want to sell, you have to market it correctly
and in the right areas. As amateurs we have done a poor job of both.
Presently the only real push has been SAREX and this is limited to
shuttle launches and equipment and time availability. The 'elmers' of
yester-year just do not exit as they once did when I was gaining interest.

Presently, the new-comer or an individual of a little interest gets shocked
when he/she sees that the equipment being pushed for sale is beyond
the reach for most of them (and us at times) and I believe helps to scare
them off. Like any hobby, it can get as expensive as you want. However,
there are ways to enter the hobby for far less then the recent equipment

Even the ability to 'talk around the world' is not as good reason as it once
was due to internet and cell phones, Iphone, etc. There is a need to
correctly 'sell/market' the hobby to the want-a-be by selling other reasons.
These reasons can be experimentation, emergencies etc. My interst
years ago was due to the ability to experiment, homebrew a project
and be allowed to put it on the air. The homebrew concept has gone to
the wayside.

This is just my opinion and believe there are many more on this list. The
key, I believe, is to gain the interest of the younger generation on the
benefits and 'fun' of amateur radio and not making it easier to acquire a
license. The licensing structure has already been done and is now a
mute point. We need to gain they interest into the hobby. There are many
aspects to this hobby that are interesting and need not be expensive.

Such as the comments made on the FM satellites, at least they are
being used. The reason for the large interest in QRP is the ability to
have the patience to work through all the 'big guns'. It may be difficult
but very satisfying when it is accomplished. This also holds true with
the FM satellites. When you tire of them, then you move on to the others.
I've even done EME with my satellite equipment. Was it tough, you bet,
but it was fun and I could pat myself on the back when I finally made a

Amateur radio has a lot for everyone. We just need to exploit it all and
market it correctly. If you enjoy the FM satellites, then they serve a
productive purpose.

At 11:49 PM 02/22/2001 +1000, Tony Langdon wrote:
>Hello Red!
>21 Feb 01 07:23, you wrote to Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL:
> RJ> you hear on certain frequencies swearing, jamming, tuning up on nets,
> RJ> etc, it is the ones that are whining the loudest about the hobby going
> RJ> to the dogs because of the restructuring.
>Well, we've had a no code licence in VK for _decades_ (the Limited licence).
>Allows operation on 29 MHz FM (that was a recent addition), as well as all
>modes from 6m and up.
>Strangely enough this hasn't killed the hobby.  In fact, you'll notice a
lit of
>'limiteds' among the lists of ATV and microwave operators down here...
>the death of the hobby (though other things are having a detrimental effect,
>and I feel it's largely our fault in how we present ourselves).
>Tony, VK3JED
>.. keep them bits a flowin'...
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