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Re: AO-27/UO-14

Hello Garie!

21 Feb 01 17:22, you wrote to laura halliday:

 >> FM satellites, since they are a fundamentally flawed
 >> concept with inherently limited capabilities.
 GH> Well, somebody forgot to tell that to N7SFI Laura.  He's accomplished
 GH> an extraordinary feat in the number if grids worked/confirmed on FM
 GH> sats.
 GH> He used two traits called "patience" and "persistence".  That formula
 GH> on the FM sats seems to have worked for him.
 GH> Somehow, I don't think Randy looks at FM sats as "flawed" and with
 GH> "limited capabilities".  Ask him.  :-)

Well, for a "flawed" concept, they do amazing things...  I've lost count of the
QSOs I've had from public transport via SO-35 (will have to try UO-14 one day
:) ).

Repeating the same feat on a linear bird isn't going to be as easy (is it
possible at all?), and will first require a reduction in the size of portable
SSB gear (though the 817 looks like a goer... will have to save for that one I
think... :) ).

And cutting through the (admittedly lesser down here) QRM from a train is an
interesting exercise in timing and patience.  One way to sharpen one's
operating and contesting skills. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

.. t it.
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