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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

Hello Frederick!

21 Feb 01 16:27, you wrote to All:

 FS> Actually, in my experience, 10-m FM DX is very rare.  So:

Hmm, really?  Tell that to the JA I worked while mobile in Sydney, or the VK6s
and ZLs who I spoke to for most of last year on 10FM. :-)  Not to mention the
Asian pirates that are an everyday occurance on this side of the world. :(

 FS> 1. It isn't that much of a problem.

Can't speak for the US, but I'd agree on this side of the world.  A bigger
problem is pirates on the 2m uplinks.

 FS> 2. I'd probably still want to work the rare-DX even if he was in the
 FS> Sat's passband, since it is rare to do so. 3. If 10m FM is propagating

Who wouldn't! :)  But I'd try and keep it brief, or if a ragchew was
developing, QSY to the SSB part of the band, if possible.

 FS> well, the ionosphere will reflect some, most or all of the RS-15
 FS> signals back into space.  Meaning that when the band is open, sigs
 FS> from the sat aren't as good.  A "self-healing" phoenomon, so it seems.

Good point.

 FS> 4. You won't have to worry about this in a couple of years when the
 FS> sunspot cycle is low!  :-(
 FS> For the record:  I've never worked 10 FM.. so I'm not a 10 FM nut, but
 FS> it is a unique mode, and I like different and unique modes!

Well, I quite like 10FM, I work it from time to time, either F2 paths in the
2000-3000km range or sporadic E to interstate repeaters.

Tony, VK3JED

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