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RE: FM operations in RS downlink

Hello Red!

21 Feb 01 07:23, you wrote to Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL:

 RJ> you hear on certain frequencies swearing, jamming, tuning up on nets,
 RJ> etc, it is the ones that are whining the loudest about the hobby going
 RJ> to the dogs because of the restructuring.

Well, we've had a no code licence in VK for _decades_ (the Limited licence).
Allows operation on 29 MHz FM (that was a recent addition), as well as all
modes from 6m and up.

Strangely enough this hasn't killed the hobby.  In fact, you'll notice a lit of
'limiteds' among the lists of ATV and microwave operators down here...  Hardly
the death of the hobby (though other things are having a detrimental effect,
and I feel it's largely our fault in how we present ourselves).

Tony, VK3JED

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