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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

Hello Margaret!

21 Feb 01 14:20, you wrote to Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL:

 MX> Nonsense. CW proficiency demonstrates little besides patience with
 MX> quaint technology and perhaps a sense of rhythm. It doesn't advance
 MX> the radio art.

I have to agree.  CW proficiency only helps those who want to use CW (mind you,
there's plenty of very good reasons to use CW, but I can't think of one reason
to keep the exam).

 MX> I'll drop this now, Vince will get his requisite crusty last word
 MX> about the impending ham radio apocalypse due to the vast unwashed
 MX> hordes who don't have enough CW, and we'll all go on with life.

Nothing like a little good scaremongering. :-)  I'm looking for the day when I
can tell newcomers who are not interested in CW that they can pass the theory
and the regs and get on all of the bands...

Mind you, it is up to those of us who _do_ like CW to pass the Morse baton onto
those younger people who _choose_ to use the mode.  Just wish I had more time
to get my Morse up to a conversational level of proficiency, instead of what is
merely required for my licence class. :)

 MX> P.S.: See you here again for the same rant next year. :-)


Tony, VK3JED

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