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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

Hello Edward!

21 Feb 01 10:06, you wrote to All:

 EC> Like to add a couple more areas of ham radio to your list:  moonbounce
 EC> and microwave!  The blending of ham radio and computers via
 EC> software-based radios offers another.  I admit that I am predudiced to
 EC> the technical side of ham radio, but I think it will be the drawing
 EC> point for new, young faces into ham radio.

I believe there is a lot of potential, if we play our cards right.  Computers
are now an integral part of the hobby (I presume all of us here use them for at
least working out the next pass of our favourite birds! :) ).

 EC> Yes, 43 years ago when I was teenager and first discovered ham radio,
 EC> talking to DX stations was the original draw, but I was a kid
 EC> interested in science, space travel,...  So when I failed my cw test
 EC> for the second time and was stuck on the VHF frequencies as a
 EC> Tech-class, I was fortunate to be taken "under-the-wings" of a couple
 EC> 2m pioneers and shown the wonders of "The world above 50".  That
 EC> interest spread to eme, and satellites, radio astronomy {my almost
 EC> career}, and my career at NASA.  Oh, I'm still working but now in a
 EC> common-day radio-maint. job looking for that retirement day.

Nice piece of history.  I was attracted to the technical side (thought I'd
better get a ham ticket before I got into trouble for experimenting with CB ;)
), as well as the communications utility of radio.  DXing has always been
secondary, though fun part of the hobby for me.

Space was and remains one of my interests as well.

 EC> Ironically, I still am not very good with cw, but my interest in eme
 EC> is helping that. Ultimate QRP = Microwave ham radio!!!

Indeed, and microwaves have so much to offer.  As well as interesting
propagation, they have good characteristics for space comms and bandwidth for
some real interesting high speed networking.

Might also get some of the computer types interested in the hobby.  There's a
lot of young people fiddling around with wireless network cards and helixes or
dishes as I type this...  Some of these people could be interested in ham
radio... if we have the right thing to offer them.  I've got a few people
curious with my satellite activity (they get to see me contact a bird directly
:) ), or when I demo projects such as Internet repeater linking, then wander
out and work the world on a HT. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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