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Cool Gadget to auto tune for doppler

Hello folks

Some kind person poked me the other day into trying InstantTune on my

And then another kind person mentioned on the BB using one of the PC
emulators for Windows CE too.

Well I now have what must be one of the coolest ways of Doppler tuning a
radio, with InstantTrack, PocketDOS and a Compaq i-Paq. The serial
syncronization cable even plugs right into the back of the 847 without any
adapters or null modem cables.

Very well recommended. Definitely going with me next time I go portable.

Of course I'm sure if my old HP200LX were still alive I'd be using that.

FWIW the XT-CE emulator wouldn't tune the radio although InstantTrack itself
is OK: it looks like InstantTune talks to the serial ports in a way that
XT-CE can't cope with. I tried reading and writing direct to the ports in
XT-CE and it's as if nothing's there. Via the BIOS it's OK.

PocketDOS however, although slightly slower than XT-CE, does work correctly,
and makes operating a cinch.

IT works at a very acceptable speed too.

Very very cool.

73 Howard G6LVB

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