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KEPS.....and the JUNO problem


Thanks to several who answered the AO-10 query I posted earlier.  Glad it
was not as at first suspected, pilot error.

Several of us who use JUNO.com as our e-mail server have NOT been getting
our usual Keps download for something like the past 6 or 7 weeks.  Would
someone who has the latest set saved be so kind as to forward them to me
at   k0blt@JUNO.com   It would be helpful to see if this server rejects
them in this manner as they appear to be doing from the originator.  Can
anyone else who is on the BB and uses JUNO as their server confirm that
they too are not getting the Keps via the usual means of the AMSAT-BB. 
This method has worked for many years and now all of the sudden we who
are JUNO minded seem be be neglected as far as the Keps are concerned. 
The rest of the BB seems to function just as before.

Thanks in advance for any help you folks can provide.  73  Frank, K0BLT
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