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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

>From: Margaret Leber <maggie@voicenet.com>
>Nicely said, Red.

>And the only thing that will save it is to rediscover it's orginal 
>function as a laboratory.
>This corner of ham radio--space operations--and also QRP are two of the 
>more promising corners of invention and creativity in a otherwise often 
>bleak prospect. QRP, in fact, is a hotbed of CW activity, for all the 
>*right* reasons, rather than maintenance of a "my fist is faster than 
>yours, sonny" peckering order, which an unfortunate regulatory decision 
>years ago (who says rules don't cause behavior?) intensified.


Like to add a couple more areas of ham radio to your list:  moonbounce and
microwave!  The blending of ham radio and computers via software-based
radios offers another.  I admit that I am predudiced to the technical side
of ham radio, but I think it will be the drawing point for new, young faces
into ham radio.

Yes, 43 years ago when I was teenager and first discovered ham radio,
talking to DX stations was the original draw, but I was a kid interested in
science, space travel,...  So when I failed my cw test for the second time
and was stuck on the VHF frequencies as a Tech-class, I was fortunate to be
taken "under-the-wings" of a couple 2m pioneers and shown the wonders of
"The world above 50".  That interest spread to eme, and satellites, radio
astronomy {my almost career}, and my career at NASA.  Oh, I'm still working
but now in a common-day radio-maint. job looking for that retirement day.

We, as hams, need to pass that torch on.  That will be the saving of the
hobby.  The new license structure is good as it will encourage
newcomers...and they may get a few of us G.O.M.s fired up with new
interests and activity ;-)

Ironically, I still am not very good with cw, but my interest in eme is
helping that.
Ultimate QRP = Microwave ham radio!!!  

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