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Re: UO-14 on Field Day

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Let the AMSAT coordinators in each region award this honor to
> those people who have conributed the most to AMSAT...

Perhaps the NCSs for a sat should be designated by the control op for the sat,
ya think? It *is* their bird, if it's anybody's. 

At the very least they should have an advise-and-consent role.

Let me be clear: I think having NCSs is probably a great idea, and a needed
innovation on the FM LEOs. I just don't think they should be self-elected based
on who puts the most watts on the bird. 

Of course their jobs should be *facilitating* QSOs, not making them. The awards
nets I've participated in granted the NCS the privilege of making *one* QSO per
round at a time of the NCSs discretion, instead of requiring them to call in
order. 

Now, what form of liason could we use to build the sign-in list fairly? It
certainly needs to be done out-of-band. IRC? eMail? 

I'd suggest HF but not all the satops have HF privilges, nor is HF always
particularly reliable.

And if a workable mechanism can be put together it might be usable all the time,
not just on FD. I know we'll always have bandits and the clueless QRMing. But I
think we might be pleasantly surprised by how many folks would honor such a
scheme, if it was percieved to be fair and evenhanded.

It's gotta be better than what we have today.        

 73 de Maggie K3XS 

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