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RE: FM operations in RS downlink

You're right, I hadn't considered that.  Let's all be stupid everyone.

I gave a solution to the ARRL but they chose to dumb things down.


At 07:23 AM 2/21/01 -0500, "Red Johnson" <redj@adelphia.net> wrote:
>Do you have a workable solution to the problem of the "easy to get"
>restructured licenses?  One that will keep up some interest in a dying
>hobby?  One that will fill the ranks with youth and enthusiasm rather than
>hostility and angst?  One that will, at the very least, replace the long
>lists of silent keys we see every month in QST?  One that will allow
>pictures in like publications to show hams other than those far into their
>retirement years?  One that will encourage rather than discourage ham
>wannabes? One that will prove Riley Hollingsworth wrong when he says what
>will ultimately kill amateur radio is "radio rage"? Have you personally done
>anything to improve things?

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