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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

Actually, in my experience, 10-m FM DX is very rare.  So:

1. It isn't that much of a problem.
2. I'd probably still want to work the rare-DX even if he was in the Sat's 
passband, since it is rare to do so.
3. If 10m FM is propagating well, the ionosphere will reflect some, most or 
all of the RS-15 signals back into space.  Meaning that when the band is 
open, sigs from the sat aren't as good.  A "self-healing" phoenomon, so it 
4. You won't have to worry about this in a couple of years when the sunspot 
cycle is low!  :-(

For the record:  I've never worked 10 FM.. so I'm not a 10 FM nut, but it is 
a unique mode, and I like different and unique modes!

I'll put on my asbestos suit, and say that in the 21st century HF uplinks 
and downlinks on a sat are a bit archaic, except for ionospheric and 
atmospheric research..

Fred W0FMS

>From: Jim Walls <k6ccc@earthlink.net>
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>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] FM operations in RS downlink
>Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:22:13 -0800
>Rick Abbott wrote:
> > New to the list and new to birds. I was trying to receive the rs-15
> > beacon this morning when I heard FM stations working DX from OK and HA
> > to US stations anywhere from 29.300 MHz up to 29.400! :-( don't these
> > folks know it is a satellite downlink portion of 10M? I did hear what
> > assume to be the CW beacon around 29.350 but with the qrm could not
> > the text.
> >
> > Enlighten me please,
>One of the realities is that here in the US, FM is allowed on 10M only
>29.300 MHz.  The segment about 29.500 is repeaters so that leaves the
>simplex (other than the calling channel - 29.600) between 29.300 and
>29.500.  And no, for the most part, they DONT know it's a satellite
>downlink.  Even fewer users know that there is a satellite downlink on
>then know where the satellite up and downlinks are on 2M - and we know
>many people we constantly chase off that band segment.
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