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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

Red Johnson wrote:

> Do you have a workable solution to the problem of the "easy to get"
> restructured licenses?  One that will keep up some interest in a dying
> hobby?  One that will fill the ranks with youth and enthusiasm rather than
> hostility and angst?  One that will, at the very least, replace the long
> lists of silent keys we see every month in QST? 

Nicely said, Red.

So I guess "restructured licences" is the new code words for the loss of 
the beloved CW requirement...the "affirmative action" for the "dying" 
mode that once kept the kids, lids and good buddies in their place. 
(note the quotes: CW isn't really dying, you know).

I do have a sense of history myself (not only about radio but about its 
sister art: computing). But gentlemen, ladies, I tell you again:  what 
has almost killed the hobby is the perverted notion that it's main 
purpose is to serve as a museum, of late tended by grumpy old men, (and 
G.O.M. wannabees, 'cuz Vince isn't old enough to be a *real* G.O.M. yet 
;-) ).

And the only thing that will save it is to rediscover it's orginal 
function as a laboratory.

This corner of ham radio--space operations--and also QRP are two of the 
more promising corners of invention and creativity in a otherwise often 
bleak prospect. QRP, in fact, is a hotbed of CW activity, for all the 
*right* reasons, rather than maintenance of a "my fist is faster than 
yours, sonny" peckering order, which an unfortunate regulatory decision 
years ago (who says rules don't cause behavior?) intensified.

Restructuring isn't turing ham radio into CB. Wanna hear CB? Hit most of 
75m some evening.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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