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Re: UO-14 on Field Day

> << How can you change the problem when the entire basis of the contest is
>  to make multiple contacts.  >>
> Subtract points for additional contacts?... logs turned in can or will
> out the offenders...just the threat that ARRL or AMSAT "might" REALLY look
> the logs will reduce the traffic considerably.....

...and if they do not submit a log what happens ?  Consider the liability
when you rely on reports that may not be true or just partially true.  Most
of the contacts claimed on these satellites can hardly be verified and
many of them are not complete contacts at all.

Have you ever worked Field Day on the satellites from a remote area
with no commercial power?

What are you going to do when someone intentionally starts talking
right in the middle of a conversation?  Are you going to deduct a few
points for poor operation?  I would like to see somebody try to police
that one.  In many cases, some of the stations are calling blindly
without hearing the satellite in the first place.  It happens every day
without the help of Field Day.

We need a goal.  If our goal is to interest more users into the satellite
community, the FM satellites are not the way to do it on Field Day.
These satellites are a great way to demonstrate how easy it can be
to work the satellites on any other day of the year with the exception
of weekends, holidays, and Field Day.

Last year during Field Day, we hung a set of speakers outside our
tent so that people passing by the station could hear what the
mysterious satellites sounded like.  One of the club members
said they were interested in working the satellites, but if they were all
like UO-14 he did not want anything to do with them.  Does changing
the rules change that situation?  I do not think it will.

I still contend that the FM satellites are not suitable for Field Day
operation since everybody does not have a fair chance to work them.
This is in effect what all the complaints suggest.  Even the ARRL
prohibits contacts through single channel repeaters. Although, they
blindly wave the repeater rule for satellites not realizing the FM
voice satellites are in effect the same thing.

My point is that a rule change does not solve the problem. It might
aggravate the problem by a few folks jamming the satellite.  That
happens just about every day.  What do you think is going to
happen on Field Day?  Just amplify the existing problem for an idea.

The stated goal of the AMSAT competition is to encourage use of
all Amateur Satellites. I strongly believe that should be changed to
include the verbiage "that provide equal opportunity and promote
recruiting new users on the Amateur Satellites".  That would be a
goal for the organization.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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