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Ran PCR 1000 on ao40rcv1.0 today from about 0942Z to now, 1245Z.

Copied 22/243 blocks.  Last block copied at about 1148Z at MA=34.  Yellow
signal indicator finally went off at about 1236Z at MA=45.

Seems to be as good as FT-736.  Ran kHz bandwidth with IF shift all the way
to the left.  Tuned at 50hz per click.  It's hard to run two mouses (mice)
at the same time, although I liked the 50 Hz shift in frequency, as I
corrected for doppler after each block with one quick click.

Ran the PCR 1000 in the "component" mode.  Computer is a DX2-66 no name.
Win 95.

About one year ago when I tried my PCR 1000 with windows 98, it would hang
up in the scan mode.  I was told by an Icom tech rep that it does not run
well in W98.  This may have changed.

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