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Re: FM operations in RS downlink

Hello Jim!

20 Feb 01 21:22, you wrote to amsat-bb@amsat.org:

 JW> One of the realities is that here in the US, FM is allowed on 10M only
 JW> above
 JW> 29.300 MHz.  The segment about 29.500 is repeaters so that leaves the
 JW> only
 JW> simplex (other than the calling channel - 29.600) between 29.300 and
 JW> 29.500.  And no, for the most part, they DONT know it's a satellite
 JW> downlink.  Even fewer users know that there is a satellite downlink on
 JW> 10M
 JW> then know where the satellite up and downlinks are on 2M - and we know
 JW> how
 JW> many people we constantly chase off that band segment.

Hmm, sounds like a recipe for QRM. :-(  Here, we're a bit better off.  FM is
allowed from 29 MHz to 29.7 MHz, but the bandplan for FM doesn't start until
29.1 MHz.  There are a number of FM gateways in VK on 29.120 MHz, which affirms
the FM status of this band segment.  It works out well, as 29.1 - 29.3 becomes
the simplex area (except for the gateways on 29.120 - though they are simplex
on 10m as well).  That leaves the top part (29.5 - 29.7) for repeaters and the
call frequency, and people tend to leave the satellite allocation free.

JAs also seem to use the 29.2-29.3 region for FM simplex as well, which is
handy for VK-JA QSOs.

I haven't heard any downlink QRM on 10m myself, except from the odd Asian

Tony, VK3JED
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