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RE: 220 MHz Thoughts and Questions

Hello Joe

> 1.  I am under the impression that 50 MHz is an amateur band in only a
> limited number of countries.  If I lived in one of the countries with no
> MHz band and bought a Yaesu ft-847 what frequency of RF would come out of
> the 50 MHz antenna connector?

> 2.  I am under the impression 70 MHz is a ham band in several countries.
> there any commercially made 70 MHz amateur equipment?

I've always thought it the other way around. 50MHz has been available in a
lot of Europe for about 15 years or so since the phasing out of Band I TV.

70MHz I thought is only available in a few places like the UK, Eire,
Gibraltar, Cyprus.

For a history of 4m point your browser to http://www.70mhz.org/stuff.htm
where the late Jack Hum G5UM explains the nuances.

The FT-847 UK edition does 70MHz, but it's lowish power (10W) unless you
don't mind a lot of spurii on your output: even then it's limited to about
25W. Some say the FT-847's a bit deaf too. I've never managed a voice QSO on
4m, but I have operated packet. It really is a rather quiet band!

A more traditional method with commercial equipment is to use a Microwave
Modules Transverter.

73 Howard G6LVB

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