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Re: UO-14 on Field Day

Tim Cunningham wrote:

 > When I was in school not too long ago Bonus Points for exams were
 > the toughest problems to solve. That is why they called them Bonus
 > Points.

No, they weren't called "bonus" because they were difficult.  "Bonus" in
Latin simply means "beneficial" or "good", and is sometimes defined
as:"an extra portion or item given free, usually as an incentive".

They were called "bonus" because they were an extra incentive, not
required in the ordinary course of things. They *may* have been
especially difficult. Or, if your instructor was creative, they may have
simply been intended to lead you into exploring something new or

 > However, you stated we should not reward a behavior.

No, I did *not* say we should not reward "a" behavior.I said we should
not reward *that* behavior. *Other* behaviours--desirable ones--should
be rewarded.

It's that "words" thing again. The words *do* matter, even the little

 > Rule changes do not change human behavior.


Rules created your behavior, and rule changes will change your behavior.

The question is: Which rules will create what behavior?

 > Let's say the AMSAT rules for Field Day changed to allow only 1 QSO 
 > Do you honestly think that will stop anyone from making more than one
 > contact?

Wait, and see the new rules. Only allowing one QSO per FM bird may not
stop anyone from making a second. But disqualifying them for making the
second will.

And if they don't report it, you can be sure someone else will.

 > The goal of all these contests, and they are contests, is to make as 
many contacts as possible.

Which is why we're talking about changing the rules. Can you possibly 
imagine a contest where the goal was something other than "make as many 
contacts as possible"?

You *have* heard of multipliers, right?

 > How can you change the problem when the entire basis of the contest is
 > to make multiple contacts. This is a problem created by the contest 

No, not by the contest. By the *rules* of the contest. Which is why the
rules are being changed.

  >Unfortunately, it is ERP and physics that prevail, not operating skill.

That was unfortunate. But it is not inevitable.

  > Make no mistake about it, the FM satellites are not suitable for 
Field Day operations.

So can I assume we won't hear you on the FM birds during FD 2001? :-)

   73 de Maggie K3XS

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