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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?

>Busch Thomas H CNIN wrote:
>>  Look at the Tribanders' frequencies.  144, 440, and 1.2G are all nice odd
>>  multiples of each other.
>>  Third harmonics to boot.  Even six meters is, kind of, if you squint.  :-)
>>  I'm pretty sure that's why those bands are in those rigs, and not because of
>>  some
>>  conspiracy.
>The main reason , that I was aware of that YaeComWood don't do 220 
>very much is
>that the good 'ole USA is the only country that has an Amateur allocation in
>that part of the spectrum ...
>So needless to say demand dictates I presume .....

Makes sense, since most of the 222-225 monobanders I've seen 
advertised are MAHA/Pryme or Alinco -- the smaller manufacturers tend 
to go for the niche markets a lot more.  Pryme does seem to have been 
pushing 222-225 pretty hard lately, or at least they were in the 
newest AES catalog I have ..

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