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Re: UO-14 on Field Day

>I think the rules should at least be changed so as not to *encourage* 
>making an
>already ridiculously bad FM LEO situation even worse. 1000 people are 
>not going to make QSOs in a single pass. But should 50% of the QSO particpants
>in one pass be the same station? Should we *reward* that behavior with contest
>points? I say "no". While a rules change won't solve the structrual 
>problems, we
>can at least create a disincentive to brute-forcing your way to the top of the
>FM LEO pile.
Amen Margaret!  FM voice birds (including FM on the shuttle and ISS) is 
just about
the best way to create ill will I can think of.  If it is designed to 
promote interest
in ham radio or ham radio satellites,it is doing anything but,
it is negative in its approach.

Leave the FM for digital, and digital only....I've been screaming this for 
15 years!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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