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Re: AO-27/UO-14

> also I have noticed people on the passes running LOTS
> of power even though they don't need it.
> and some people rag chewing like a repeater.

    Many people do.  There are some of us who use dual-band HTs, Arrow
antennas and very little power (from milliwatts to just a few watts).  And
those with the HTs do just as fine as those with the excessive power.  In my
opinion, it is hard to have a satellite in orbit that is only able to
operate on a certain freq (like AO-27 and UO-14) and have smooth
communications consistently.  There are times when you have someone who is
running a ton of power and treating it like a repeater to chew the rag while
someone else is just trying to make a quick QSO to grab a rare grid before
they are out of the footprint. Lots of people, lots of opinions on the
"right" way to work a satellite that is basically line-of-sight and only one
small range of freqs! :-)

    Personally, I find it funny when I hear "...got my N-element beam
pointed right at her with 75 watts from my satellite radio!" You just kind
of think to yourself, "Well, I have my Arrow antenna pointed at it and have
worked N-people full-quiet with only 1.5 watts....big deal, guy."

    The fun of operating satellites...

Brian, N5ZGT
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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