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I made an error in my newbee excitement...

> CONCLUSION:  All we need is a little software on the ground and anyone
> with an FM rig can transmit to these old 1200 baud DIGIPEATING birds, and
> anyone with a downconverter and HF rig can RECEIVE them. 
> Dont want to carry an HF rig?  Build the $45 HF WARBLER in this months QST
> and a 435 MHz to 3.58 MHz downconverter and there you have an SSB receiver
> <snip>
> "you don't need no stinkin $1000 satelite rig"...  
> and its fun to build your own $45 SSB rig in an evening.... Aw shucks,
> build donwconverters for every band and use the $45 WARBLER 3.58 MHz SSB
> transceiver as your IF for everything... <grin>

*** AH! ERROR.  I was thinking of my 3 KHz bandwidth HF rig.  I forgot
that the WARBLER only has a 1 KHz passband, so it would be of little use
as an SSB voice transceiver.  But still, it could be a cheapie foundation
for all other linear satellite modes using 1 Khz or less bandwidth..

I bet, however, that with a little tweaking of the color burst XTAL
filter, it could be made into a 2.7 KHz SSB rig....  ANyone?

I  would love to see this as a KIDS/Students approach to SSB operation on
linear birds...

de WB4APR, Bob

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