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Re: Thoughts on Kenwood TS-2000?


Oh, I don't really think there is a consipracy.  More likely it was a
marketing decision.  222 MHz is not a world-wide ham allocation...thus a
smaller market.  But it is a lot more fun to spread conspiracy rumors ;-)

Radio design based on harmonic band relationships is old hat [except for
common LO chains for the microwave bands].  Your points seem to be directed
toward antennas on muti-band HT's than the TS2000, FT-847,...dc--light
"boat anchors".  How many folks use these mobile?  I suppose, if you drive
a Chevy Suburban or Ford Expedition "boat".  

How many carry them around as a portable!  OK, just kidding.  I would guess
most of these rigs sit on desks in radio shacks with multiple antennas
connected.  Your logic does not follow.  As far as design, the sharing is
done at a common IF in these rigs.  The 2m and 70cm bands are implemented
with built-in transvertor boards.  Easy to add a 222 xvtr with the same
IF...If anyone would buy it.

But then we soon can scrap all this junk and start using our new software
based radios!  Its coming {unless Bluetooth beats us!}.


>From: Busch Thomas H CNIN <Busch_T@crane.navy.mil>
>Look at the Tribanders' frequencies.  144, 440, and 1.2G are all nice odd
>multiples of each other.
>Third harmonics to boot.  Even six meters is, kind of, if you squint.  :-)
>I'm pretty sure that's why those bands are in those rigs, and not because of
>"Edward R. Cole" wrote:
>> snip
>> Now why Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood all ignore the 222 MHz band in their new
>> dc-->light rigs???  Could it be that the commercial divisions of those
>> companies don't want to see any occupation of those frequencies by
>> hams...could they have their eyes on them?  Hmm!
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