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220 MHz Thoughts and Questions

Just a couple of thoughts and questions on different bands.

1.  I am under the impression that 50 MHz is an amateur band in only a
limited number of countries.  If I lived in one of the countries with no 50
MHz band and bought a Yaesu ft-847 what frequency of RF would come out of
the 50 MHz antenna connector?

2.  I am under the impression 70 MHz is a ham band in several countries.  Is
there any commercially made 70 MHz amateur equipment?

3. The FT 736 and 726 had plug ins available for 220 MHz (I don't know about
the TS-790).  Is there any talk of the TS-2000 or the new Icom sat rig
having a 220 MHz plug in?

4. It must not be that difficult to come up with schemes to allow for 220
MHz.  Several 2 meter / 220 MHz FM rigs have been made, and the "plug in" FM
radios all have modules available for 220 MHz.

5. My old FT-4700 2 meter / 70 cm rig really is two radios with one
controller.  I take it the newer ones aren't made that way.

My Ramblings,

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