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Re: FT-847 (mostly off-topic)

Ed Cole wrote:

The Yaesu manual states that when you use the DATA jack,
activating PTT disconnects the front mic?  Why did you feel a mod was
needed.  Did your FT-847 not operate correctly?

Wayne replies:

Good questions!  My FT-847 manual also says that the Microphone audio is muted when the radio is keyed via the rear panel HF data jack.  But my FT-847 Mic audio was NOT actually muted when the radio was keyed via the HF data port.

The problem is documented on the "FT-847 FAQ" page: <> 

This page also has a link to a JPG scan of a Yaesu Technical Bulletin which describes how to add a transistor to fix the problem.  I called the Yaesu customer service number and they mailed me the transistor free of charge.  The Yaesu customer service people were so agreeable that they must get a lot of calls about this.

I don't know if all FT-847 units have this problem.  I do know that mine had this problem.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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